About Little Old Me

Hello and welcome to my Blog, Vegan Living!


My name is Allie and I have been vegan for 5 years & vegetarian for the 5 years prior.


I wanted to start a blog to share my daily experiences trying to navigate a very "Non-vegan" world and talk about my thoughts, feelings, suggestions and perhaps even pass on some information.


I am also hoping that my blog can be of some comfort or guidance to others who are in similar situations and just want to not feel so alone in this crazy world.

My Furry Friends

As with with all proud mothers, I have to share pictures of my furry friends! I will probably be referencing them in my blogs so you can put faces to the names!


This is Loki, my beloved 13 year old friend who I adopted when he was 2 years old from a humane society I was working at.


This handsome fellow was at the shelter for 6 months, with no one even showing the slightest interest in him (How is that possible! Look at THAT face!!). I had tended to his kennel every day and I got to know this shy but deeply feeling feline. He had an absess on his face when he came in, ended up getting feline upper respiritory and just generally had a less than happy stay at the shelter.


I decided one day enough was enough and this amazing fellow came home with me, where he belongs. He teaches me daily and I am grateful for his love.... even when he sleeps on my head.

This handsome 6 year old man is Perry Winkle! This lovely boy was hit by a car and it broke his back hind leg. He was brought into our 24 hour emergency vet clinc by a kind stranger and I fell in love with him. He is love in a furry form.


We had to amputate his back leg but he is quicker than our other cats now (we say he is aero-dynamic, lol!) He welcomes all new animals in our home with grooms and love and I am so blessed to have him in my life.


This is Rezzie (chenrezig) and he was tossed out a car window on the highway as a young kitten. A kind person brought him into the clinic and he was lucky to only have a few cuts, scrapes and road rash! I fell in love with him and he is a cuddly sweetheart.


He is also a kitten who loves to climb curtains and full of mischief!

This is beautiful Maitri (Maitreya) and our newest member of the family. She was left in a house when the owners moved out and she was brought in as a stray to the 24 hour emergency clinic I work for. She snuggled on my lap and by the end of the day, she was a member of our family!


Her & Rezzie are inseparable and are great for each other! Partners in crime so to speak!

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